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I'm Ash, the clinical herbalist, entrepreneur, and creator behind PhytoDose. Becoming an herbalist was not the path I initially set out on. While studying biology in college, I had my sights set on a pre-med degree, eager to pursue a conventional medical career. But after a series of elective courses in medicinal botany, a profound shift in my career trajectory began. I quickly found myself increasingly drawn to the world of medicinal plants and holistic wellness.
My personal health struggles with PCOS, digestive issues, and debilitating migraines became the catalyst for my journey into the realm of herbal medicine. Frustrated with relying on prescription pills for conditions that were better managed through proper nutrition and supplementation, I started exploring the remarkable world of herbs, plants, and mushroom medicine. Through a combination of these natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments, I experienced a transformative change in my life.
This newfound passion for alternative wellness led me to pivot away from the traditional medical path I had initially envisioned. After completing various herbalism courses and a clinical herbalism apprenticeship, I embarked on a mission to share my knowledge and passion with others. This desire gave birth to my company, PhytoDose, which specializes in expert-formulated plant, herbal, and mushroom medicine. At PhytoDose, our mission is to help individuals maintain harmony within their body's functions, harnessing the healing power of nature to promote wellness and vitality. With a deep love for herbalism and a commitment to holistic health, I'm dedicated to empowering others on their journey toward better well-being through the art, science, and wisdom of herbal medicine.